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HEYER VizOR is our premium solution for sophisticated patient monitoring applications.

HEYER VizOR is our premium solution for sophisticated patient monitoring applications.

VizOR comes in its standard configuration with a wide range of functions & features and makes it fit to match the requirements of high-sophisticated applications in OR, ICU and sickroom. Integrated high-quality modules (e.g. Masimo SpO2) ensure an accurate and stable measurement of the different parameters and a maximum safety for patient und doctor.

The Patient Monitoring Systems HEYER VizOR can also be combined with various Anesthesia Machines to create a complete and fully functional Anesthesia Workstation.

By using Masimo PhaseIn Side & Main Stream Multi Gas Technology the VizOR can be completed as a supervisor for the total gas exchange of the patient.

A wide range of screen sizes from 6” to 19” meet the individual situations of the hospitals demand – from transport to intensive care.

The compact and reliable monitor HEYER VizOR 6

HEYER VizOR 6 is a cost-effective and lightweight (4.3” display, weighing < 800gr) detachable patient monitor that integrates some of the most advanced non-invasive patient monitoring capabilities available today. It can be used for bedside monitoring and as a transport vital signs monitor throughout the entire care path. The compact VizOR 6 monitor easily slides into various docking stations and includes network connectivity, VGA output, a recorder, and an extra battery. HEYER VizOR 6 ensures the same functionality as a full-size multi-parameter monitor – making it ideal for acute and general care floors, clinics, and home health care settings. The VizOR 6 can also be used in combination with defibrillators, ventilators and anesthesia machines providing complete vital signs and core patient monitoring parameters in a variety of clinical settings.

  • Small and lightweight design concept
  • A complete solution for all patient monitoring settings
  • 4.3”/5″ color TFT display screen
  • ECG (3/5 Lead), HR, SpO2 Masimo SET, RESP, NIBP (CAS/Standard), 2TEMP, IBP (4Channels), Gas interface
  • ARR and ST Segment Analyzer
  • 2 hours rechargeable battery (exchangeable by user)
  • Touch Screen and Direct Access Keys
  • 96 hours trend
  • Multipage function display
  • VizOR 6 options:
    • CO2 and Multi Gas Analyzer (Main Stream & Side Stream)
    • Masimo Rainbow SET
    • Wireless LAN Networking for Central System
    • Cardiac Output (coming soon)
    • 12 Lead ECG (coming soon)

Multifunctional patient monitor HEYER VizOR 10

  • Reliable monitoring in all areas of hospital
  • Light & compact design concept
  • 12.1″ TFT color display with 6 to 8 Signal traces
  • Adult/neonatal applications
  • Multi-Parameter: ECG, HR, RESP, SPO2, NIBP, 2 IBP, 2 TEMP
  • CO2 and Multi Gas Analyzer (optional)
  • Cerebral State Monitoring (optional)
  • Thermal Recorder (optional)
  • Direct AC power & internal rechargeable battery for use in everywhere
  • Rotary switch and dedicated direct access keys for intuitive & simple operation
  • Networking with VizOR Central Monitoring System

Multifunctional patient monitor HEYER VizOR 17

  • Multi Page Screen
  • 18.5″ wide screen color LED display
  • 6 to 12 Signal traces and up to 10 parameters: HR, NIBP (CAS/Standart), RESP, IBP (up to 4), ECG (3/7 Lead), SPO2 Masimo SET, 2TEMP, Gas interface
  • ARR and ST Segment analyzer
  • Masimo (MX Version)
  • Direct AC power, DC power & internal rechargeable battery
  • Networking with VizOR Central Monitoring System
  • Drug Calculation (coming soon)
  • OxyCRG (coming soon)
  • Options:
    • Masimo Rainbow SET®
    • CO2 & Multi gas analyzer (main stream & side stream)
    • Cerebral state monitoring (CSM)
    • Cardiac Output
    • 12 Lead ECG
    • 2 Traces Thermal Recorder
    • Wireless communication
    • Touch Screen
    • Hosting VizOR 6 as a module
    • ICP
    • 4 IBP
  • Central Monitoring System for HEYER VizOR Patient Monitoring Systems

    • Optional dual-screen display, color TFT LCD screen with high-resolution
    • Up to 64 real time waveforms for 16 beds simultaneously
    • ECG (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V), SpO2, RESP, CO2, Dual IBP waveforms
    • Selective waveforms and parameters
    • Various configurations of main screen
    • Convenient operation with touch-screen or mouse
    • Supporting LAN network
    • Audible and visual alarms
    • Up to 96 hours trend store and review
    • Up to 720 alarm events store and review
    • Up to 1000 NIBP measurements store and review
    • Up to 48 hours of disclosure store and review
    • Set up the color of waveforms/parameters
    • Exchanging the position of patient window
    • Supporting thermal recorder
    • Data Backup
    • Managing patient information