Emed ThermoStapler®


general surgery

  • integrated system: diathermy, argon coagulation and a vessel sealing module ensures cost reduction, there is no need to purchase any additional devices
  • high reliability of the system ensures maximum safety of work
  • time of operation is significantly reduced
  • blood loss is significantly reduced, the system allows to economize on sutures and staplers
  • natural sealing of vessels
  • multiple-use device, no limits on the number of uses
  • no foreign body remains in the patient’s body
  • no risk of adhesion or infection
  • quick and safe operation
  • regulating the intensity of the effect enables the surgeon to select the most appropriate type of operation

ThermoStapler® Under the influence of high temperature and mechanical pressure, collagen tissue is shrinking and becomes a very durable sealer. Vessels closed with the use of the ThermoStapler® system are capable of withholding significant blood pressure.


ThermoStapler® 2The parameters of the tissue during the process of sealing are monitored at all times. The system uses a sound message to inform about achieving the optimal level of sealing and stops the current flow automatically. It is recommended to keep the instrument’s tips cool and moist.


ThermoStapler® 3While the ThermoStapler® system is being used, the area of heated tissue is more limited than with the use of standard bipolar coagulation. The risk of damaging adjacent tissues is minimal.


ThermoStapler® 4The sealing area is flexible. The vessel can easily be cut with the use of surgical scissors. There is no risk of bleeding. The ThermoStapler® system enables closing vessels with a diameter of up to 7 millimetres, however each time it is necessary to assess the quality of the closure by the operator.


ThermoStapler® 5The safety of the closure with the use of the ThermoStapler® system is comparable to the use of other mechanical methods.