Quick Flashback I.V. Cannula


I.V. Cannula for Quick Flashback with adva Needle Technology

  • Quick Flashback Instantly confirms successful venipuncture
  • adva  technology enhances Success in first-prick of needle
  • Instant confirmation of blood flow along catheter body increases clinician’s ability to successfully access the vein
Code Description
12001-12009 POLYFLON adva I.V. Cannula
12040-12048 POLYCAN adva I.V. Cannula
12180-12184 POLYCATH adva I.V. Cannula
12220-12228 POLYPEN adva I.V. Cannula
12240-12242 POLYNEO adva I.V. Cannula
12243-12244 NEONOVO adva I.V. Cannula
12080-12088 POLYWIN adva I.V. Cannula
12140-12148 POLYFLEX adva I.V. Cannula