Emed Aria smoke evacuation system

  • Integrated with Spectrum electrosurgical system – automatic activation
  • Control from Spectrum panel
  • Possibility of automatic or via foot switch control
  • Very quiet and easy to operate
  • 35-hour filter life reduces the costs of procedures
  • Three levels of air flow regulation
  • Comprehensive three-port filter allows to connect accessories without using of additional adapters

operating modes

  • spectrum mode – suction starts with activation of electrosurgical handle connected to Spectrum unit
  • manual mode – suction is activated from aria panel or via pneumatic footswitch


  • The compact design allows for easy mounting in a Specturm trolley
  • No smoke – good visibility of the operating field
  • No unpleasant odor
  • Very quiet operation will assist in providing a safe operating environment without disruption


  • aria is stable mounted on SpectrumTrolley with fixed pins
  • Filter ports are covered to increase safety
  • Display LED
  • Motor Power Rating 1000 [W] +/-10%
  • Noise level max. 55,0 dBa