Emed WATERFALL endoscopic irrigation pump


Irrigation of the operating site is a very important element of any endoscopic procedure.

  • assures good visibility and clean operating site
  • quick and easy fluid flow adjustment from the pump control panel
  • microprocessor control of fluid flow
  • low-noise, does not cause nuisance in the procedure room
  • small size and possibility of mounting of the device on the SpectrumLine and TinyLinet trolleys gives easy access to the pump during the procedure
  • In endoscopic procedures, the operation site may be contaminated with chime or blood residue in the gastrointestinal tract.

    The waterfall endoscopic irrigation pump was designed to ensure full comfort and safety during surgeries.

    The pump makes it possible to quickly rinse the gastrointestinal tract using physiological saline directly or sterile water through the endoscopes rinsing opening or by using endoscopic instruments.

  • nominal voltage : 230V or 110V
  • power supply frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • rated power : 40VA
  • pump type : 3-roller peristaltic