MEDITAMP® EXTRA – all-purpose haemostat


17,000 AMD 9,900 AMD

MEDITAMP® EXTRA is an all-purpose haemostat recommended for most surgical procedures. It ensures fast haemostasis and is completely absorbed. Its fibre structure is stable, owing to which it can be sutured and cut without the fraying effect.

Nearly all surgical procedures need effective and fast haemostasis. In our attempts to fullfill the needs of our customers we have designed a range od modern and efficient haemostatic materials: Meditamp Original, Meditamp Denso Knit, Meditamp Fibrisoft and Meditamp Extra, ready-for-use at any time and in all branches of surgery. Meditamp Original, Meditamp Denso Knit, Meditamp Fibrisoft and Meditamp Extra haemostats were created to stop capillary bleeding and parenchymal bleeding as well as bleeding in resection areas during surgical procedures. Clot formation occurs in 3-4 minutes following any contact of the haemostat with blood.



  • general and digestive surgery,
  • plastic surgery,
  • orthopaedic surgery,
  • gynaecology,
  • urology,
  • dental surgery,
  • traumatology,
  • other branches of surgery.


  • Meditamp Original, Meditamp Denso Knit, Meditamp Fibrisoft and Meditamp Extra hameostats are applied without prior moistening with water. Following any contact with blood, the material acts as a physical matrix which helps to form a clot within 3-4 minutes. It adheres to the wound, effectively closing blood vessels, and stops bleeding.
  • The product is completely absorbed after implantation within 7-14 days.

Safety and benefits:

  • Bactericidal against 40 types of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, including e.g. antibiotic resistant strains (MRSA, VRE, PRSP, MRSE).
  • Plant product.
  • 100% absorbable, minimum tissue reaction.
  • Does not adhere to gloves and surgical instruments.
  • Low pH.

Other sizes available

MTE 1020Meditamp Extra 10 x 20